The conclusions presented here are the result of extensive analysis of the data and ongoing discussions with those who are involved in and around education.


Richard Gilman

Richard Gilman, the retired publisher of the Boston Globe, is the creator and primary contributor to Bringing Up Arizona.

He grew up in Tucson, graduated from the University of Arizona, and started a 35-year newspaper career as a reporter and an editor of The Arizona Daily Star. After earning an MBA from Harvard, he worked his way through a variety of management positions to become senior vice president for operations of The New York Times and then publisher of the Globe.

Gilman began looking at public policy in Arizona from a data-driven perspective for the Thinking Arizona website that he created and has now put aside in favor of Bringing Up Arizona.

No matter how one looks at the numbers, too many kids in Arizona are struggling to learn.  Gilman draws upon the experience of educators, his own examination of schools that are and aren’t succeeding, and insights derived from a mountain of data. He explains and advocates for kids through website reports, speeches, and behind-the-scenes campaigning.

He is helped in the presentation of this material by:

Sara Scoville-Weaver

Sara Scoville-Weaver, who has done all the mapping for Bringing Up Arizona, is an experienced GIS professional passionate in utilizing GIS tools to aid social and environmental issues in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. Scoville-Weaver, who has a bachelors of arts degree in international affairs and geography from the George Washington University and completed graduate work in GIS at Pennsylvania State University, grew up in Phoenix and works there today.

Tony Bustos

Tony Bustos, who created all the illustrations for Thinking Arizona and the graphs for Bringing Up Arizona, graduated from Arizona State University.  For many years he was a staff artist and art director for The Phoenix Gazette and eventually The Arizona Republic.  In retirement, he still freelances illustrations, graphics and caricatures.